Art is LIFE

Bringing Art to You


The mission of LG Elements is to bring performing, visual and creative arts to the world.  Our focus is on youth ages 4 - 18, living in low-moderate income levels, regardless of their ability to pay.  However, this is not our limit.  Art doesn't stop so neither do we.  We want to inspire kids all over, but we are starting in Aurora and Chicago, IL.  


Our goal is to begin offering art classes spring 2018 in Chicago and summer of 2018 in the Aurora area.  These classes will teach the basics of drawing, painting, blending colors and learning art tools. We will keep you posted with class details and offerings. 


LG Elements will be offering beginners dance classes in the form of ballet, lyrical and hip hop dance styles. Classes are expected to start summer 2018.  Our goal is to train by teaching the basics, promoting discipline and having fun. Let's dance like no ones watching.  


As we progress, we will add other dimensions of art, such as performing arts, the theater, competitive dance, culinary arts and photography.  Possibilities are endless.  

LG Elements NFP is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  You can help bring arts to children in need by making a donation.  Contact us to learn how.